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Game Changers

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Game Changers by Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey is the founder of Bulletproof Coffee, biohacker & heads 40 years of Zen retreat. In his book he puts together 46 life hacks which he gets from his talks with over 450 top performers. They vary from easy to difficult like getting more sunlight to getting stem cell injections. His knowledge of human potential provides food for thought. He sites gratitude as a fundamental pillar in health, happiness and longevity.

  • The number one factor for top performance is good nutrition, daily. Eat your vegetables!

  • Get at least 20 minutes a day off walking. Sunlight sunlight is crucial for your health and it’s good exercise.

  • Meditating will help you become more aware of your subconscious patterns and can change your inner monologue

  • Get in line with your circadian rhythm to get good quality sleep

  • Strength training and movement you better fitness results than cardio

  • Gamechangers had their biochemistry open! Smart drugs close and vitamins

  • Harness your sex drive to accomplish more

  • You can change your environment to lower stress and improve performance. Your body is biologically geared to survive

The most profoundly transformative thing you can do is practice gratitude

1. Say no. Everybody has 24 hours in a day so only do what means the most to you. Clarify your priorities and imagine your life in 20 years. What are you doing and who are you with?

2. Decide who you are. Align your pursuits with your aspirations to become the person you need to be to accomplish your goals. You increase your confidence the more you practice and defeat obstacles in a competent confidence loop

3. Get rid of words that undermine your strength. People are unaware of the words they use that can subconsciously limit them. When you use the word “can’t” your subconscious mind reacts with high stress. Speak precisely

4. Question your assumptions. Beliefs feel real however many of them are unquestionably absorbed from your parents education and culture. Replace ideas that limit or diminish your beliefs. Convince your subconscious by repeating mantras like “the universe has my back”

5. Fluid memory trump's IQ. Your ability to remember is directly related to how fast you can learn something new. Use the Duel N-Back app for two minutes a day to improve your working memory

6. Your brain remembers images better than words. Start reading interesting stories and then visualise boring data to build your recall abilities. Visualise everything you read

7. Legal smart drugs may help supplements like nootropics can assist boosting performance and building self-awareness that can potentially help you transcend subconscious fears and traumas. Assess the risk and get professional advice

8. Pursue insight. Some therapists treat client with I have ayahuasca and other psychedelics to help them process trauma and addiction

9. Take a breath. Accelerated breaths or hollow Tropic breathing create a mental emotional state similar to a psychedelic experience

9. Fear is the mind killer. Fear of failure is ingrained into the human new nervous system. Building emotional vulnerability and trust gets you through painful experiences by accelerating resilience and allows you to acknowledge your true feelings. Gratitude stops fear

10. Don’t listen to the naysayers

11. Put passion first. Understand what you obsess about and the money will follow

12. Prioritise downtime being a high performer requires time to recover and recharge schedule daily downtime with UpTicker

13. Have a miracle morning. Set morning practices like exercise affirmations visualisation reading journalling or a period of absolute silence. All of these tasks can be added to the UpTicker app.

14. My man can harness the sex drive. Sex affect your overall well-being sublimate the enormous energy of your sex drive towards meeting your goals

15. Women can harness the sex drive for women a satisfying sex life helps to pick perform at work

16. Sex can alter your state. Climax should not be the ultimate goal because you miss the fun along the way. Enjoy the experience and moving to a flow state

17. Have conscious sex. Get into a flow state by having sex with the right person. Sex increases oxytocin and pornography blocks flow and is addicting and causes your brain to fire more dopamine. Avoid pornography at all costs. Add no pornography as a task with UpTicker

18. Learn when you sleep best. Most people need 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 hours of sleep. Woke with your natural circadian rhythm and take a week off and sleep when you like your natural rhythm will kick in don’t be an early bird if you’re more productive at night

19. Sleep like a pro. Unlike your sleep habits and sleep with your head slightly elevated above your head

20. Ariana Huffington collapsed from exhaustion in 2007 in order to improve her self-care she now gets 79 hours of sleep a night, does meditation and yoga and is more productive than ever. Sleep well so you can do more. Use UpTicker to follow Ariana Huffington’s routine

21. Movement matters. Focus on your ability to move so your can exercise without pain or fear of injury

22. Don’t rush a marathon. Too much cardio tax is your body. Strength training feels better for performance results. Exercise raises cortisol and leads to inflammation. Strength training releases other hormones to contract this affect combine movement and strength training for muscle mass. Walking a few days a week bills insurance burns fat and protects against heart disease

23. Try yoga. Former Navy Seal Mark Divine has developed a combination of breathing exercises, mind training and functional movements based on yoga

24. You are what you eat. The most important factor for high-performance according to the author is nutrition. Sometimes you’re hungry and other times your emotions make you eat. Track what you eat help you understand what you

25. Eat healthier, like your grandma. Eat smaller meals throughout the days. Fast sometimes to burn fat. Eat protein to build muscle but in moderation. Vegetables have antioxidant enzymes that combat inflammation and activate your anti ageing genes. Are used cod-liver oil and avoid vegetable oils. Feel free to also use fats like butter and coconut oil

26. Listen to your gut. Antibiotic overuse has a detrimental effect on microbes and causes weight gain. Exercise to increase the variety of bacteria in your gut and eat fermented foods

27. Take vitamins. Go to a functional medicine doctor to get a profile on your nutrient levels and learn but something p you need to take

28. Hack your biochemistry. Track your temperature heart rate and breathing rate sleep activity another date set to correlate your dated how you feel

29. High short-term stress followed by recovery is healthy. Remove chronic stress from your life. Short-term stress cycles and recovery make you stronger

30. Keep all systems vital surgery should be the last resort. Aspirin gets by annual stem cell injections for joint flexibility, to keep his skin fresh and to slow ageing. They can also reverse trauma and reset a stress nervous system

31. Money doesn’t motivate game changes. You can attain a basic status of happiness but a scarcity mindset might get in the way. Don’t focus on what you don’t have. Expert says $75,000 a year is a sufficient income to make you feel secure and not worry about finances. Money is just an entry in a ledger. Amass joy not money

32. Happy people are successful. They have a can-do mindset that creates success. Keep your own goals in mind

33. Don’t hold onto stuff. Possessions don’t bring happiness living with less frees up time and energy to improve relationship and work. Ask if things are essential or if they are an emotional desire. How do they add value?

34. Community and connections of the second most important secret of success. When you interact with someone you trust your brain generates oxytocin the feelgood hormones. As oxytocin builds up in your system you feel more trusting and more generous. The greatest benefit comes from one-on-one interactions and hugs.

35. You are your community. If you surround yourself with happy people you’re more likely to be happy. Consider what impact you want to make. People with varying viewpoints who are open-minded and openhearted can challenge you in healthy ways

36. No relationship is an island. People in long-term relationships are happier than people who aren’t. A good intimate relationship Lois fears an office consistent sex bad relationships drain your energy

37. Top performers meditate. Meditation makes you aware of your atomic reactions and your inner monologue. We practice you can control and disrupt yourself talk for example to ask if endless remuneration is useful too. Meditate five minutes a day to establish a habit. Add meditation as a task in UpTicker. There are different types of meditation over time you’ll discover what works best for you

38. Train your breath. The western diet and lifestyle contribute to cellular stress. Breath work account balances it and makes said cellular energy practice what Emily Fletcher called “balancing breathing” by breathing in one nostril and out the other

39. Meditate faster. A teacher can guide you towards beneficial mental states, monitor your heart rate to know when your body is in fight or flight mode practice entering a relaxed more quickly. Neurofeedback me a shortcut to a tip negative state

40. Go wild. Your body needs nature to thrive gods side and make your indoors environment more like a zoo by plants and expose your body to the sun, dirt and clean water

41. Sunlight is not optional. Bathe your body and your eyes in sunlight for at least 20 minutes a day to improve sleep, boost energy and combat depression. Polyphenols in bright coloured pants hope you’re got produce melanin that it needs to protect against overexposure to sunlight

42. Don’t obsess about cleanliness. Your body benefits from dirt annual cot health depends on microbial biodiversity. Exposure to soil bacteria combats depression

43. Combat fear with gratitude. Your vagus nerve connect your brain to your vital organs and is the cornerstone of the parasympathetic nervous system which calms you off the high stress. Hi vagal tone means you can relax more quickly off to encountering stress. Caregiving improves tone and so does gratitude which signals your nervousness and that you are safe. Boost your resilience and reduce stress by listening through things you are thankful for before going to sleep every day. Practice gratitude by adding it to UpTicker

44. Be willing to forgive. You can change the stories you tell yourself about perceived slights. There may have been a good reason someone cut you off in traffic. Imagine the reason opens the doors to forgiveness. Holding onto anger and resentment saps your energy.

45. Making gratitude your practice. Identify things you are grateful for, practice mindfulness and reframe difficult situations by looking for a silver lining. Share your gratitude with loved ones on a regular basis and send thank you notes

Gratitude is the most profoundly transformative thing you can do.

Block out time for practicing gratitude, mindfulness or any-other tasks listed above with the UpTicker App

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