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UpTicker has committed to Net Zero by 2030

Climate change is a pressing issue and poses one of, if not, the greatest threat to our planet and civilisation. The threat of Global Warming is very serious. A number of scientific journals have made and are continuing to make alarming discoveries. Virtually all ice masses are melting. The Arctic ice mass was assumed to be stable and is melting faster than previously thought. Currently, 300m people in India are on the edge of starvation from drought which has been going on for years because the groundwater has depleted. As the Himalayan ice melts it undermines the water supply for huge areas in South Asia. This will naturally lead to mass migration on unprecedented scales. 

The seal level is rising and could rise 3-6 feet by the end of the century and this will have a devastating effect not just on coastal cities but coastal plains like Bangladesh where hundreds of millions of people will be severely threatened. 

Other species are dying as a result of human behaviour at the same level as The fifth period of extinction. The rate of Global Warming today is far faster, some studies say 100 times faster than any moderately comparable period that can be estimated in geological records. In summary this is one of the worst threats that the Human race has faced and discussions around this issue have been virtually absent. 

It is in our interest to make sure that we protect our environment, the future of our children and generations to come.

UpTicker strongly believes that the community has an important role to make sure that we move to a sustainable future. UpTicker is keen to play its part which is the reason why we have a global, science-based commitment to reach Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

This will include switching to 100% renewable energy. In addition to making energy-efficiency improvements in all parts of our business. Further to the actions mentioned above, UpTicker will take proactive steps by investing in carbon removal projects. This means for every remaining tonne of CO2 we emit, we will remove the same amount of CO2 from the atmosphere in order to reach our goal of Net Zero climate impact by 2030.

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