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UpTicker Helps You Build A Healthy habits, keep track of all your tasks,and achieve your goals faster!

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To-do list app

Track your productivity with UpTicker™ 

Get detailed insights into your


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Mentor Routines

Track Your Productivity 

Track your productivity.

See your productivity as a percentage score by day week month and year.

Performance Data

Performance Data

21 advanced data insights into your productivity


work-life balance. 

Intelligent Scheduling

Boost Productivity

UpTicker's algorithm

will help boost


productivity &


Key Features

Compete with yourself


  • Set up your schedule based on your mentors and interests

  • Link your calendars  

  • Connect with Apple Health to get more accurate insights

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Actionable Data Insights 

  • Discover your actual productivity levels based on data and see how you are spending your time

  • See your true work-life balance 

  • Identify key areas for improvement

  • Compare your performance with previous weeks and set benchmarks

  • Get deeper insights on your fitness by diving into different facets of exercise (movement, nutrition, recovery, mindset & sleep)

Custom Routine


  • Your schedule will appear on your home screen

  • Edit the times if required by swiping the task

  • Press "Begin" to go into focus mode and track your time; or

  • Press the complete button to update & calculate your score

  • Swipe the task if you missed it or if you would like to edit task

  • Press the plus button to add tasks 

  • Pin Tasks to keep task on home screen incase you do that task numbers times in a day and would like to track accurate time spent. Pin Task by swiping task and pressing "Edit"

Upticker High-Performance Routines app

Focus Mode


  • Log your activities with Focus Mode to improve your data insights

  • Helpful information relating to the task will appear at the top of the screen

  • Some tasks have animations and display information in focus mode

  • Some tasks may be logged automatically 

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Set-Up Bespoke Schedule

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  • Set up your schedule based on your mentors, interests & calendar

    • Mentors​

      • ​Steve Jobs

      • Elon Musk

      • Mike Tyson

      • Angela Merkel

      • Michelle Obama

      • Jeff Bezos

    • Interests

      • Wellbeing​

      • Fitness

      • Finance & Business

    • Calendar

      • ​Google Calendar

      • Outlook

  • Stop bad habits too for example drinking less screen time

Virtual Coach


  • Coming soon. UpTicker’s virtual coach will provide recommendations to boost wellbeing and performance based on your profile

Upticker High-Performance Routines app


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  • The process to improved is gamified by way of assigning percentage scores and animations

  • percentage score is used to provide data insight and analysis. It can also serve as a benchmark for following weeks

  • Users are advised to aim for 100% and to increase the number of tasks based on insights when schedule becomes easy

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