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UpTicker & Your Data

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Technology and data has been a controversial topic over the last few years. Large software companies such as Facebook and Amazon have been put under scrutiny for their misuse of data. This has made people extremely anxious and sceptical about their data, who gets access to it and what happens to it. The list of controversies relating to data misuse are endless and range Cambridge Analytica to the Sony data breaches.

UpTicker’s ethos is to allow individuals to boost performance, wellness, well-being and satisfaction from data insight. The reason why UpTicker collects data is primarily because there are so many datasets that are scattered amongst different platforms and devices that it is very difficult to get a comprehensive high-level understanding of what is actually going on.

By way of example if you would like to understand how much screen time you spend in a week you could open up your smartphone settings to get a general understanding however this is by no means an accurate picture of your actual screen time. Because most people have access to more than 1 screen, sometimes various screens are running concurrently and attention is divided between different screens at different times. So in order to get an actual understanding of screen time it is very difficult if not impossible currently.

UpTicker is a habit tracker that gives objective insight into performance and which areas of a Users lifestyle get more priority and which ones get less priority. By logging tasks and giving access to pre-existing data that and data a user is generating, users can derive value by comparing subjective analysis vs a data-driven objectives perspective on personal life performance. Furthermore, User specific data insights can boost motivation to improve, overcome obstacles and push forward.

By providing UpTicker with access to health data, date of birth, gender, and activities, UpTicker is able to consolidate those datasets and provide a holistic overview of a users lifestyle. Insights that may be driven vary from individual to individual, for one individual by using UpTicker she realised that she was focusing most of her energy on finance and business related activities and was neglecting her friends and family. This data insight allowed her to modify her behaviour and to pay more attention to friends and family and to take the step off the gas on her finance and business related activities.

Another example would be if a user tracks the amount of time they spend on work-related activities on the app, UpTicker is then able to tag activities with either work or non-work. This can then be visualised in a simple bar chart that can then be presented to the user and it will enable the user to understand what their actual work-life balance is. If they realise that that one is skewed disproportionately to the other the User is able to take steps to rectify that imbalance.

Protecting data is amongst UpTicker's top priorities. There is a data security policy in place and the latest and most cutting-edge techniques are used in order to protect uses data in the most stringent ways possible. These include anonymization and encryption. UpTicker takes data security and data misuse extremely seriously and have a zero tolerance approach to any sort of untoward behaviour.

How does UpTicker protect your data?

At UpTicker, all user data including user tokens and passwords are fully encrypted. UpTicker has separate application servers and separate database servers. UpTicker believes in holding ourselves accountable to maintaining the trust of our customers and only collecting the data necessary to serve our customers.

UpTicker Employees do not have access to the content of your data unless you give us permission for support, we are required to access them as part of an active abuse or fraud investigation or where access is necessary to comply with a valid legal process.

Tight role-based access, two-factor authentication, secure network zones, bastion hosts, and secrets management underpin our approach to securing our management layer. Vulnerability and patch management as well as security observability tools help us keep on top of the ever-shifting risk in our infrastructure. We’re also currently on the path toward a broader “zero-trust” model for access to resources within our environment.

UpTIcker's Data center providers maintain industry-leading access control, including video surveillance, security, access lists, and exit procedures. UpTicker regularly audits data centers to meet our regulatory requirements and validate proper implementation of our security requirements.

For more info please take a look at out security policy

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